Gardens and outdoor spaces

Using all our senses to engage with the environment we believe is vital in lowering anxiety and increasing a general feeling of well-being.

Our gardens provide a multi-sensory experience with bright vibrant flowers, varying shades and textures of greenery and interesting ornamental wood carvings. There are varying lengths of pathway loops for strolling and gentle outdoor exercise.

The landscaped garden areas surround the care centre and are secure at the rear to ensure both privacy and safety.

We have a greenhouse which enable residents to grow their own produce, which we use when fully grown

Outdoor areas can offer either privacy or engagement, activities for different skills and abilities, and a place to go to offer variety during the day.

Careful planning enables spaces for both quiet or more active experiences to meet the needs of residents at different stages of impairment. This allows peaceful engagement with the natural environment, whether sitting beneath a tree or pottering in a specially adapted raised garden bed.

Hopefully in the very near future, residents may once again meet friends and family in the gardens.

Please contact us if you require any information.